Integrated Vessel Management System (IVMS) - the main purpose of MCT establishing a core feature is to provide a common situational picture on vessel at any situational to assist the ship team. The system sub divided into 3 domains:

  • Combat Management System (CMS)
  • Bridge Management System (BMS)
  • Platform Management System (PMS)

All 3 systems are able to integrated as one system with partition as per customer s’ requirement. Further operators are presented with a single, clear image of the domain, equipment status in graphically/digital presentation, digital chart or map information and tactical overlays. By establishing and maintaining a coherent picture of internal and external, the IVMS provides a basis for the operator to make informed situation assessments and readiness of all system on board, for operational requirement. The system achieves this through an integrated data fusion process. It generates the picture automatically from received data inputs and allows the operator to interact through a selection of modes, as well as to directly intervene with and override commands. The operator is supported by a situation and anomaly detection function. This automates tasks to allow the operator to focus on vital decisions. The architecture includes advanced IT security solutions, and provides support for streaming large amounts of video and recording large and complex amounts of data. It also handles weapon system safety requirements, and supports the real-time requirements of a critical fire control chain. MCT will scale each solution to match the vessel’s size and capabilities. It can be scaled down boats to Air Craft Carrier that require special consideration due to size, weight and crew limitations . IVMS is a combined functional modularity with modern computer technology that has led to the creation of flexible, scalable solutions, with built-in capacity for upgrades and extensions during the entire lifecycle of the ship.

IVMS Features:

  • Coordinates all sensors and weapons (hard kill and soft kill) in Manual/semi-automatic/fully automatic options.
  • Probability-based track evaluation and continuous cyclic re-evaluation and feedback loop with Quick response to scenario changes.
  • Integrated with platform sensor and system to safe navigation in Manual/semi-automatic/fully automatic options.
  • Integrated with platform sensor and system to provide platform readiness.

Compartment 3D - Design & Equipment Arrangement to Actual Dimension

Control Panel

Digital Tactical Table

Multi-Function Operator Console

Operator Decision Panel

Operator Selection Panel

SBC Embedded Data Interface Unit

Dedicated Operator Console

Project Base Design Server Rack

FEA Analysis on our Design

Cable ICD Drawing